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The Diabetic Health Journal is an easy to use, action-oriented, convenient 3-month reflection journal that provides Type 1 Diabetics with organization, structure, routine, and most importantly, control. This journal is an effective and mindful strategy to improve diabetes management physically, mentally, emotionally, and give the support and guidance needed in between the 3-month endocrinologist check up. It is designed in a way that forces you to slow down, become more mindful about every day decisions, and reflect on what's working and what needs to change.


-PLUS: Access to the DHJ Community FB Group with weekly check ins by Lauren, quick responses to questions/comments, workout routines, recipes, yoga flows, & guided meditations.


Don't change your goals, change your METHOD.

The Diabetic Health Journal (TYPE 1 EDITION) - Sage

    • 90 days of reflection + blood sugar logs
    • 2 minute “Morning Work- in” to start you day from a grounded, positive place
    • 2 minute “Night Cap” to pause, see what worked, or didn’t’ work in regards to your energy, mood, blood sugars, overall happiness
    • Space to plan your workouts
    • Space to track your water intake
    • Space to log blood sugars, insulin, and food so you can easily identify the relationship between your actions and your blood sugars
    • Education section on why your life will be elevated by controlling your blood sugar
    • Tips for success directly from Lauren and her years of personal and professional experience with clients
    • Community support – access to a private Facebook group to interact with Lauren and other DHJ users