Get my FREE Habit Tracker to elevate your life as a T1D- Mind, Body, + Soul!

There is one thing I know for sure: type 1 diabetes affects all areas of our lives and all areas of our lives affect our diabetes. Thriving with T1D goes way beyond how much insulin to take for 15 carbs and how much juice to drink when we’re low, am I right ?!


That’s where my 4-Week Diabetic Habit Tracker comes in!


Inside the tracker, you’ll find:


  • A full menu of my favorite mind, body and soul habits to experiment with (and room to add your own!)

  • A 4 week tracker for each day of the week to help you stay accountable for implementing the habits you choose

  • Space to write down your reflections from the week so that you know which habits have been most impactful to your well-being